Episode 12

The Inertia - Season 1

Kelly Slater and Rob Machado discuss surfing, personal motivations and the best moments of their careers.

Synopsis Kelly Slater and Rob Machado discuss surfing, personal motivations and the best moments of their careers.
Athletes Rob Machado, Kelly Slater
Genres Surfing Documentaries
Studio Fuel TV
Rating not rated
Runtime 30 minutes
Season 1
Episode 12

Season 1 Episodes

Episode 1

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 1

The first episode of The Inertia features the big wave surfer Kohl Christensen, the grom Kyuss King, Laird Hamilton, Lakey Peterson and the owner of The Waterman's Guild, Greg Martz.

Episode 2

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 2

The second episode of The Inertia brings you Doc Paskowitz, the siblings Matt and Lily Meola, Kyle Thiermann, the photographer Clark Little and the snowboarder Charles Beckinsale.

Episode 3

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 3

Watch the best surf on the third episode of The Inertia. With Ben Wilkinson, Ian Walsh, Michael February and footage from Mavericks and Tom Carroll.

Episode 4

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 4

In the fourth episode of The Inertia: nuclear exposure in San Onofre. Interviews with Bruce Brown and his son Dana, Cyrus Sutton and Belinda Baggs.

Episode 5

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 5

On the 5th episode of the Inertia, we talk to some of the most versatile personalities in the world of surf, such as Chase Wilson and Torsten Durkan. We are also sharing the project A Gallery for Ants.

Episode 6

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 6

On the 6th episode of The Inertia, watch interviews with Eric Arakawa and Gerry Lopez. You also get to watch the mini-documentary Like Water.

Episode 7

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 7

On the 7th episode of The Inertia, watch interviews with the shaper Hayden Cox, the CT surfers Zeke Lau and Leonardo Fioravanti, and the professional snowboarder Bryan Iguchi.

Episode 8

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 8

Mick Fanning talks about his expectations for the new year, Greg Long takes us on a trip to Puerto Escondido and Sal Masekela discusses racism in the surfing community.

Episode 9

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 9

Donald Brink tells us about the process of creating asymmetrical surfboards, Mike Coots inspires us with his positive outlook on life after surviving a shark attack, and James McMillan shows us what it means to preserve and celebrate Byron Bay's surf c...

Episode 10

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 10

Kelly Slater answers questions about politics, surfing stereotypes and being a role model for younger generations. Sunny Garcia takes his annual trip to Baja, Mexico, and a University of California Professor shows us the importance of Philosophy for th...

Episode 11

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 11

Anastasia Ashley gives us her opinion about the presence of women in modern surfing, surf photographer Clark Little tells us how he faces the shorebreak to get the perfect shot and Kelly Slater invites us to visit the exhibition he helped create.

Episode 12

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 12

Kelly Slater and Rob Machado discuss surfing, personal motivations and the best moments of their careers.

Episode 13

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 13

In this episode of The Inertia, Mark Carter tells us about his origins, Kelly Slater explains the concept behind his new furniture business and Pat Gudauskas talks about his greatest fears.

Episode 14

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 14

In this episode of The Inertia, Makua Rothman talks about family and music; Lyndie Irons discusses her relationship with Andy Irons and his rivalry with the three-time world champion Kelly Slater. In addition, we sit with Soli Bailey after his particip...

Episode 15

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 15

In this episode of The Inertia, Greg Long tells us about the recovery he faced after the accident that almost took his life; Dane Reynolds talks about world titles, paternity and social media. We're also looking into the art of Jonas Claesson.

Episode 16

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 16

Ace Buchan tells us what it was like to beat Kelly Slater. Sherry McConkey talks about yoga, love and living life to the fullest. Plus, we sit down with Nathan Florence to talk about surf and family. All this and more, in this new episode of The Inerti...

Episode 17

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 17

In the new episode of The Inertia, we tell the story of Gabriel Medina's first world title; Shaun Tomson describes what it takes to make it in professional surfing, and we're also looking at how hurricane Irma changed surfing in New Jersey.

Episode 18

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 18

John Philbin talks about his drug and alcohol issues and about how being arrested changed his life; Kwai Lindo shares tips about surfing Pipeline, while Carissa Moore reveals how the insecurities of someone who doesn't win every time affect her perform...

Episode 19

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 19

In this episode, we find out how Bruce Irons faced the loss of Andy Irons and his secret to happiness; CJ Hobgood talks about his greatest fears and about how surf became an addiction.

Episode 20

The Inertia - Sn 1, Ep 20

Discover the true story of Kelly Slater, Rob Machado and their dramatic and historical high five which decided the 1995 Pipe Masters final; get to know what Lynsey Dyer thinks about integrity, art and beauty and learn about the biggest wave ever surfed...

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